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Effectively Manage Your Marina’s Electrical Consumption!

By Manon Gasnier | 11/16/2023
Why is it critical? And why now!? Understanding electrical consumption with data: The first step towards sustainability is knowledge! Identify trends, consumption spikes, and cost-saving opportunities. Accordingly, review your pricing policies to encourage economies of scale and equitably distribute energy costs based on actual consumption. Identifying malfunctioning pedestals: In sustainable management, detecting faulty electrical equipment is essential.

Falco Expands to Canada by Welcoming Coal Harbour Marina and Harbour Cruises Marina

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
In a significant development, Falco, the pioneering force behind the Smart Marina ecosystem, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with two prominent marinas in Vancouver, Canada. Coal Harbour Marina and Harbour Cruises Marina, both located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, have teamed up with Falco, marking a momentous step in the company’s global […]

Falco welcomes the Monaco marina group for a Smart and Sustainable Future

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
Exciting News! Falco and the SEPM Partner for a Sustainable Tomorrow In a groundbreaking move, Falco is delighted to announce its transformative partnership with Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM), Monaco’s prestigious marina group. This collaboration signifies a remarkable leap toward a more sustainable and connected future in the world of maritime excellence. At […]

Falco Secures $1.5 Million in Successful Fundraising Round to Power Maritime Innovation

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
New Fundraising Round Closed! Fueling Maritime Transformation Falco, the visionary force behind the cutting-edge Smart Marina ecosystem, is excited to announce a momentous achievement. After four years of pioneering the fusion of IoT devices and digital interfaces to revolutionize marina operations and elevate customer service, Falco has successfully concluded its second fundraising round, securing an […]

Falco Deploys its Cutting-Edge Wireless Electrical Metering Sensors at Glover Wharf Marina

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
Exciting News from Falco! Glover Wharf Marina Expands Its Smart Ecosystem Falco proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize the smart marina industry. Glover Wharf Marina, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, has taken a giant leap forward by integrating state-of-the-art wireless electrical metering sensors into their existing Falco ecosystem! Glover Wharf Marina has […]

Falco Partners with MDL Marinas and Havenstar for Smart Marina Innovations in the UK

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
In an exciting development, Falco is proud to announce two new partners in its latest Press Release, marking a significant step in the expansion of their innovative #SmartMarina technologies to the United Kingdom. 🔹 MDL Marinas Ltd – UK’s Largest Marina Group 🔹 Havenstar – UK’s Leading Marina Management Software This strategic partnership aims to […]

Falco Integrates with Port’Logique Software

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
Falco proudly announces its seamless integration with Port’Logique marina management software, along with several other industry-leading solutions. Among these integrations, the collaboration with Port’Logique stands out as the longest-running, with a journey that began almost five years ago. Falco extends its heartfelt gratitude to Port’Logique for their trust and unwavering partnership. The integration between Falco’s […]

Falco’s Electricity Monitoring Sensors – What are they?

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
“Drop, and play!” – That’s the motto behind Falco’s innovative wireless electricity monitoring sensors, which are 100% retrofit and set to revolutionize marina management. Falco’s solution can be effortlessly installed in your current pedestals in under 15 minutes, without the need for any modifications. This seamless integration allows marina managers to transition to ‘Smart Pedestals’ […]

Falco welcomes the Sodemo Marina Group from New Caledonia

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
Sodemo NC, a prominent operator of five marinas in New Caledonia, has officially joined the Falco-Wattson Elements family to revolutionize its customer relationship management. Their mission was to seamlessly and efficiently digitize customer interactions, making essential information easily accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, from marina owners to staff, customers, and even family members, […]

Falco supports Oceans Conservation Efforts

By Jonas Schneider | 09/20/2023
In a significant stride towards bolstering ocean conservation and biodiversity, Falco has officially become a member of the Global Partnership for Business and Biodiversity (GPBB). This move comes ahead of the much-anticipated COP 15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) scheduled to take place in Montreal. The GPBB, often described as a ‘network of […]