“Drop, and play!” – That’s the motto behind Falco’s innovative wireless electricity monitoring sensors, which are 100% retrofit and set to revolutionize marina management.

Falco’s solution can be effortlessly installed in your current pedestals in under 15 minutes, without the need for any modifications. This seamless integration allows marina managers to transition to ‘Smart Pedestals’ quickly and efficiently.

Through a straightforward current reading, the Falco ecosystem empowers marinas to monitor energy consumption, identify potential risks, receive real-time alerts, adapt marina regulations, and promote sustainability awareness.

Falco extends its gratitude to the Association of Marinas in Brittany (APPB) for organizing a highly enriching demo day in Port-la-Forêt last month. Olivier Laporte and Maxime Bihannic, representing Falco, had the opportunity to spend the day with marina customers, showcasing their electric consumption monitoring solutions.

During the event, Falco aimed to achieve several key objectives:

Introduce Onboard Stakeholders: Falco introduced marina customers to the various stakeholders and actors involved in the marina’s daily activities.

📢 Inform Local Marinas: Falco effectively informed local marinas about existing solutions addressing ongoing issues in the industry.

🤝 Promote Innovative Ambitions: The team promoted the marina’s innovative ambitions, emphasizing the transformative changes on the horizon.

🚨 Alert and Raise Awareness: Falco raised awareness about the importance of sustainability and the role marinas can play in this regard.

Thank You to the Hosting Team

Falco expresses its gratitude to the welcoming team that made the event possible, including Rozenn Tanguy, Claire Terry, Frederic BOCCOU, and Jerome Cade. The event was a collaborative effort involving the Association of Marinas in Brittany (APPB), the Association des Ports de Plaisance de l’Atlantique (APPA), and Association des Ports de Plaisance Normands (APPN).

Falco’s wireless electricity monitoring sensors are poised to transform marinas into hubs of efficiency, sustainability, and innovation, and the recent event with APPB is just the beginning of this transformative journey.

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