Sodemo NC, a prominent operator of five marinas in New Caledonia, has officially joined the Falco-Wattson Elements family to revolutionize its customer relationship management. Their mission was to seamlessly and efficiently digitize customer interactions, making essential information easily accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, from marina owners to staff, customers, and even family members, through their dedicated marina App.

The Sodemo App, a centerpiece of their digital transformation, offers a host of features that enhance the marina experience, including:

  • Weather and Tide Schedules: Providing real-time weather and tide information crucial for marina activities.
  • Live Webcams: Offering live views of marina conditions.
  • News and Practical Information: Keeping users updated on marina events and important announcements with in-App notifications.
  • Customer Account Management: Streamlining customer interactions by allowing account access.
  • Access to Documents: Facilitating access to vital documents such as contracts, invoices, and insurance policies.

The Sodemo App is seamlessly integrated with their marina management software, ALIZEE SOFT. This integration enables efficient exchange of contract information, invoices, and more, resulting in significant time savings and enhanced administrative efficiency.

One of the remarkable features of the App is its ability to host multiple profiles based on the user’s home marina. This flexibility allows for tailored user experience journeys, ensuring appropriate access permissions and an exceptional customer experience.

The results speak for themselves: Within just under 24 hours of its launch, the Sodemo App garnered 200 users, including a significant portion of new customers.

Falco takes pride in its role as a digital transformation partner, contributing expertise in:

  • App Design: Ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.
  • Marina-Based Features: Developing features that cater specifically to marina operations.
  • Team Training: Equipping marina teams with the skills to utilize the App effectively.
  • Supporting Ambitions: Supporting Sodemo’s digital transition ambitions every step of the way.

Falco extends its gratitude to Sébastien, Marinas Director, for his visionary leadership, to Gaël Wogenstahl, digital transformation consultant, for his expertise and coordination, and to Eric Faugere, Managing Director of Alizee Soft, for his invaluable involvement and accessibility.

Falco proudly stands as the official partner of choice for marinas embarking on their digital success and transitions. The collaboration between Sodemo NC and Falco-Wattson Elements marks a significant milestone in the digitization of marina operations, ensuring a brighter and more efficient future for marina enthusiasts.

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