New Fundraising Round Closed! Fueling Maritime Transformation

Falco, the visionary force behind the cutting-edge Smart Marina ecosystem, is excited to announce a momentous achievement. After four years of pioneering the fusion of IoT devices and digital interfaces to revolutionize marina operations and elevate customer service, Falco has successfully concluded its second fundraising round, securing an impressive $1.5 million in investment!

The journey began in 2019 with Falco’s inaugural fundraising round, setting the stage for their relentless pursuit of innovation and growth. Today, Falco takes another giant leap forward, driven by an unwavering commitment to serve marinas across #France, #Europe, and the #UnitedStates, uniting technology and the sea seamlessly.

🔹 Global Expansion: Accelerating reach to marinas far and wide. 🔹 Enriched Value Proposition: Enhancing the wireless ecosystem to exceed evolving marina industry needs. 🔹 Cutting-Edge Innovation: Pioneering technology that propels the industry forward.

Falco extends profound gratitude to remarkable partners and clients who have stood by their side throughout this incredible journey. Their unwavering support fuels the drive to redefine maritime excellence, creating a future where technology and the sea unite seamlessly.

Today, Falco warmly welcomes its very first US investors, the #BlueAngels‍ from the esteemed SeaAhead group. SeaAhead, a visionary force, is dedicated to driving positive change in the blue economy through impactful Bluetech ventures. These Blue Angels share Falco’s vision of a brighter oceanic future, where humanity, the environment, and the economy flourish harmoniously.

A heartfelt thank you to Steve Kirkpatrick, Adam de Sola Pool, and Jack Dolan for believing in Falco and joining this remarkable journey.

Acknowledgments and a Bright Future

As Falco embarks on this exciting new chapter, they express deep appreciation for the invaluable support of Luke Sawitsky, Donna Hazard, and the entire team. This belief in the mission fuels the determination to steer Falco toward unprecedented success.

Join the Celebration!

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