Falco proudly announces its seamless integration with Port’Logique marina management software, along with several other industry-leading solutions. Among these integrations, the collaboration with Port’Logique stands out as the longest-running, with a journey that began almost five years ago. Falco extends its heartfelt gratitude to Port’Logique for their trust and unwavering partnership.

The integration between Falco’s robust digital and IoT ecosystem and Port’Logique’s Marina Management System (MMS) offers marinas a multitude of advantages:

  • 📱 User-Friendly Access: Boaters can conveniently access and renew their Port’Logique contracts via the Falco white-labeled mobile app, enhancing their overall experience.
  • 🚤 Contract Management: Users can seamlessly manage waiting lists and update account information related to their contracts, such as insurance policies and boat specifications, all through the app.
  • 🔄 Real-Time Data Exchange: Any information registered in the Falco app is seamlessly and instantly transmitted to the Port’Logique MMS, streamlining administrative procedures for marinas.

In 2023, the efficacy of this integration was highlighted as 1400 contracts were successfully renewed via the Falco app in four marinas belonging to the Loire-Atlantique Nautisme marina group.

The good news is that the features developed through this collaboration can easily and swiftly be deployed in other marinas utilizing the Port’Logique solution. Furthermore, if your marina employs a different MMS, rest assured that Falco’s adaptability extends to most software solutions available in the market.

📞 Reach Out and Schedule a Conversation

For marina managers and stakeholders interested in exploring the possibilities of Falco’s integration with their marina management software, Falco invites you to schedule a quick coffee call or reach out via email:

Falco is dedicated to streamlining marina operations, enhancing customer experiences, and simplifying procedures for both marina staff and boaters.

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