Marina Management systems


Marina Management pre-diagnostic

Strategic goals assessment and

digital readiness audit

Exploratory interview with marina teams

Assessment of existing digital practices, processes and tools

Diagnostics report & recommendations for digital improvement

Development of action plan for innovative digital solutions

Survey of Boaters & Analysis of their needs and expectations.

Sales / Market Positioning Offer (Falco Connected Boat).

Technical Study generated for IoT Network configuration.





Marina Management Interface

Compatible with marina management software programs

Identification of discrepancies between the management tool and the reality

Instantaneous boat scoring

Real-time monitoring of marina events

Reporting on strategic figures

Usage analysis (navigation flow, life aboard...)
in order to offer appropriate contracts and customized services


monitoring 24/7

Reliable, secured, and autonomous wireless sensors detecting in real-time slip occupancy and identifying moored boats (linking with Falco connected boat)

- Inox mounting 316L, film anti-corrosion
- Size: L: 10 cm / l: 8 cm
- Weight: 400 g
- Warranty: 2 years
- Certifications: CE, FCC
- Marine product: IP67



BOAT SECURITY monitoring 24/7

Boat Protection (fire, ship list, intrusion, collision, theft are identified in real time). Embedded home automation  (temperature, humidity).

- Installation by Dual Lock 3M Marine or inox screws
- Size: L/W/T 15/10/5 cm
- Weight: 300 g
- Supply: 2 batteries AA 1,5V
- Autonomy: 1 year
- Warranty: 2 ans
- Certifications: CE, FCC
- Marinie product: surface treatment


monitoring 24/7

Transform your standard dockside electrical pedestal into a connected pedestal.
Easy to install and autonomous, Falco allows you to monitor real-time electrical consumption.

- Fixation by Dual Lock 3M Marine
- Inox 316L Mounting
- Size: 10x10 cm
- Weight: 400g
- Supply: 1 battery AA 3,7V
- Autonomy: 5 à 10 years
- Warranty: 2 years
- Certifications : CE, FCC
- Marine product: IP67, surface treatment



Centralizes information and data

Report anomalies from the marina docks to the head office

Process intervention requests

Prioritizes interventions and dispatches to the correct marina staff

Views real-time status of the interventions: "to do", "ongoing", "finished"

Generate automatically intervention reports according to a protocol